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‘Simple Interactions’ in Hong Kong – DIALOGUE with artists Andio Lai and Tsang Hoi-yu
「簡單交往」有偈傾 — 藝術家黎仲民與曾凱渝
Artist Support Programme 2022-23 (Special Edition)
「藝術家支援計劃」2022-23 (特別策劃)
Result Announcement 結果公佈
Crossover Stages: Exploration and Appreciation of Hong Kong’s Original Performances “Practice Session: Suspended Rehearsals for Parting” by Rose Li
[香港原創作品跨界重探與導賞] 越界藝演
[The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Outreach and Arts Education Programmes] Video Walking Tour: Heritage in Hong Kong
[賽馬會社區拓展藝術教育計劃] 網上導賞系列香港古蹟遊
The Library by soundpocket 聲音圖書館