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Welcomes Experimental Sound Studio’s first Wavefront Artist DAVID BOYKIN
歡迎Experimental Sound Studio Wavefront 計劃支援藝術家David Boykin
DAY AFTER翌日[2014.9.29 - 12.12] – FringeBacker Fundraising Project for a collective album of the sounds of the Umbrella Movement

Crowdfunding till 14th October

Around sound art festival 2015

@ Osage Gallery, Karin Weber Gallery, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong & Sonic Anchor by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong

soundpocket’s Artists’ Support Programme 2015-16 |
result announcement
聲音掏腰包「藝術家支援計劃」2015 -16 | 結果公佈
The Library by soundpocket 聲音圖書館

The Library moves forward 聲音圖書館往前走 (2014-2015)