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“Simple Interactions” – Artist Residency and Community Outreach Programme「簡單交往」- 藝術家駐留及社區外展計劃
Artist Support Programme 2022-23 (Special Edition):
Open call for “Recycling Failure: you fall through, I catch you.”
「藝術家支援計劃」2022 – 2023(特別策劃):
[The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Outreach and Arts Education Programmes] Video Walking Tour: Heritage in Hong Kong
[賽馬會社區拓展藝術教育計劃] 網上導賞系列香港古蹟遊
Time Is On Our Side – Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong x soundpocket Joint Benefit 2021
現在音樂 x 聲音掏腰包慈善籌款 2021:俾多幾年我
The Library by soundpocket 聲音圖書館