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Vunkwan Tam 譚煥坤

supported artist of year 2020-21
2020-21 年度獲選年青藝術家

Vunkwan Tam currently lives and works in Hong Kong. His artistic practice ranges across sculpture, image, video, text, sound, and installation. He draws inspiration from the angst of a capitalist lifestyle, power dynamics in general, and socio-political events.

Exhibitions and performances participated in include, “Play. Boredom. Worship.” (Tomorrow Maybe, Hong Kong, 2019); “New Babylon” (Prsntprsnt, Hong Kong, 2019); “Sincerity Machine” (Twenty Alpha, Hong Kong, 2019); “Sound Forms” (Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong, 2020).
Vunkwan Tam is supported by soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme 2020–21.


曾參與的展覽和表演包括「玩樂。無聊。崇拜。」(Tomorrow Maybe,香港,2019)、「新巴比倫」(Prsntprsnt,香港,2019)、「本真機器」(Twenty Alpha,香港,2019)和「形聲」(現在音樂,大館當代美術館,香港,2020)。

譚煥坤為聲音掏腰包「藝術家支援計劃」2020-21 年度獲選年青藝術家。