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about artist support programme

soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme (since 2010)

This programme provides direct material, artistic and social support to young artists in Hong Kong who have shown commitment to becoming professional artists working with sound and listening.

To begin is always challenging for any artist. For the art student, the first year after graduation is often a process of struggle. Questions they often ask include: “Am I prepared to become an artist?” “Is it meaningful personally and socially to become one?” “What support do I get, and how can I support my family with what I get?” For practitioners in the art community who have eventually discovered, by experience, that they actually want to become artists, similar questions may arise.

soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme (ASP) is a direct and positive response to this small but focused “floating population” of aspiring artists. We believe that offering encouragement at this crucial time is vital for their thriving as individuals and social beings.

ASP aims at those who have either studied art on a higher level or have experienced the field of art in various ways to realize their vocation as an artist, and who have shown to have the potential and demonstrated their commitment in becoming one. Those in need (particularly because of having no full-time employment, or being unhappily engaged in full-time employment) are our priorities. In short, the program supports commitment, potential, and need.

The Programme has been directly contributing to the nurturing of artists in Hong Kong by engaging awardees in dialogues across artists of multiple art forms and generations, encouraging their continuing self-­reflection, and sustaining an intellectually open environment for the contextualization of their practices. Even after the completion of the Programme, we have been keeping these activities going, so that the deliberations would become enduring and settle in a deeper way in the culture of art making in Hong Kong. We believe this kind of direct support keeps artists active in their practice, open in their vision, committed in their purpose, and ambitious with their own potential.

In the past, the scheme supported Edwin Lo, Jantzen Tse Chun-sing, Tsang Sin-yu. They were selected by invitation.

In 2012, 2014-2023, we started open up the programme for proposal submission. Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung and Nicole WongChloe Cheuk Sze-wing and Samson Cheung Choi-sang, Mark Chung Ching and Alvin Lee Siu-hin, Bunchi Chan Cho-kiu and Cher Ng Chun-tungDave Chow Yui-wang and Li Hiu-wa, Brian Chu Yin-wooJess Wong Tsz-ying, Josephine Chan Ching-man and Aaron Lam Kwok-yamMichele Chu and Vunkwan Tam, Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung, Step Ip, Lee Ka-wai, and Wong Chung-yan were selected.

This year, two young artists, Colbie Fung Ho-pui and Johnny Au Kin-wai were selected.

They have initiated a series of presentations – some open to the artists community, others to the public – to tell us what they have been discovering about themselves, their practices, and the art of sound.







過往獲支援藝術家包括羅潤庭謝振聲曾倩瑜,他們皆是受邀參與計劃的。2012、2014至2023年我們使用公開募集申請形式,獲選年青藝術家是何子洋王思遨卓思潁張才生鍾正李肇軒陳楚翹吳俊東周睿宏李曉華朱彥龢黃梓瑩陳靖汶林國鑫朱凱婷譚煥坤鄭子峰葉珮君 (Step Ip)李嘉慧黃頌恩