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When voices of dissent had fallen on deaf ears
In solidarity we strike in deafening unison

現在音樂、香港創樂團、聲音掏腰包及 Twenty Alpha 響應藝文界罷工。言論及創作自由是我們賴以生存的價值,我們反對《逃犯條例》的修訂,不能忍受被滅聲。我們將參與6月12日的罷工行動,強烈要求政府撤回修例方案,同時呼籲藝術家及音樂家們響應罷工,捍衛我們的發聲自由。

Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong (CMHK), Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HKNME), soundpocket and Twenty Alpha will answer to the arts community’s call-for-strike on June 12th. The freedom of expression defines and enables our work. We are against the proposed China Extradition Law, a bill that risks silencing voices of dissent if passed. We will answer to the call-for-strike. We demand that the government withdraw the bill immediately, and we call upon all musicians and sound artists of the city to join us in solidarity.