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The ‘10 Years of ASP’ exhibition brings together artists who have received awards from soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme (ASP) over the past ten years. The sixteen participating artists work in different fields of art, and are at various stages and states of their lives and artistic careers. Some have created new works for this exhibition, while some have chosen to exhibit earlier works that have not previously been shown in Hong Kong. Not seeking for, nor emphasizing, “sound art” as the sole theme, the participating artists are not confined to creating based on sound and/or listening. Instead, it is hoped that the audience will be introduced to the entire diversity of their creation.

For the past ten years, ASP has been providing resource, artistic, and social support to the awarded artists. The programme motivates and assists awarded artists to engage in dialogues with their peers across multiple art forms, encouraging their continuing self-reflection, and sustaining an intellectually open environment where through the years awardees can form a learning community to share knowledge and create collectively. These activities carry on even after the completion of each artist’s year-long programme, so that deliberations may continue. We believe this kind of direct support keeps artists open in their vision, active in their practice, and their creation rooted in the culture of artistic creation in Hong Kong.

‘10 Years of ASP’ is not a retrospective but a prospective. First, it encourages the artists to participate in the exhibition in various roles and forms, then, the audience to reacquaint themselves with these artists through their artworks encompassing different media, such as installation, painting, video, photography, and even performance art; these artists who, in fact, apart from being artists, also play various roles in the art circle in support of each other.

Interviews with the participating artists will be published regularly over the course of the exhibition, providing additional angles from which to understand them.

-Participating Artists-

Edwin LO Yun-ting|Fish TSANG Sin-yu|Jantzen TSE Chun-sing|Jacklam HO Tsz-yeung|Nicole WONG Si-ngo|Chloë CHEUK Sze-wing |Samson CHEUNG Choi-sang|Mark CHUNG Ching|Alvin LEE Siu-hin|Bunchi CHAN Cho-kiu|Dave CHOW Yui-wang|LI Hiu-wa|Brian CHU Yin-woo|Jess WONG Tsz-ying|Josephine CHAN Ching-man|Aaron LAM Kwok-yam
about the participating artists >>>

-Curatorial Team-
Mandy CHAN, Vanessa LAI, Alice WONG

-Exhibition Opening-
29.5.2021 (Sat)|4 – 8pm

-Exhibition Date & Time-
30.5.2021 – 11.7.2021
TUE – SUN | 12noon – 8pm

-Exhibition Venue-
Shop 1-4, 35, 36 & 45, 1/F, Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre, 9-27 King Wah Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

-Public Programmes*-
Performance “Corridor” by Brian CHU Yin-woo(龢wo4)
5.6.2021 (Sat) 8pm
18.6.2021 (Fri) 8pm
@ Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre, Fortress Hill

DIALOGUE with artists Michele CHU and Vunkwan TAM^
26.6.2021 (Sat) 2 – 4pm
@ Aspire Upper Room (2/F 168 Electric Road, Fortress Hill)

Performance “glare” by Samson CHEUNG Choi-sang and Mark CHUNG Ching
3.7.2021 (Sat) 7:30pm
@ Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre, Fortress Hill

* Registration required. Please visit soundpocket website for details.
^ Event will be conducted in English.

Review of the exhibition:
Christie LEE, Sound Art is Bringing New Life to a Decrepit Local Mall >>>

「ASP 十年展」召集過往十屆「藝術家支援計劃」(ASP)之獲選藝術家參展。參與展覽的共十六位藝術家們來自不同藝術範疇,現正處於人生以及創作生涯的不同階段、狀態,他們有的為展覽創作了全新作品,也有些選擇展出在較早前創作、卻仍未有機會在香港展出的作品;展覽不尋求、不強調單以「聲音藝術」作主題,參與藝術家不必侷限於以聲音與聆聽作為創作起點,反而希望觀眾認識這群藝術家創作的多樣性。




羅潤庭 、曾倩瑜 、謝振聲 、何子洋 、王思遨 、卓思穎 、張才生 、鍾正 、李肇軒 、陳楚翹 、周睿宏 、李曉華 、朱彥龢(龢wo4)、黃梓瑩 、陳靖汶 、林國鑫
關於參與藝術家 >>>


29.5.2021 (六)|下午4至8時

30.5.2021 – 11.7.2021
逢星期二至日|中午 12 時至晚上 8 時

富利來商場 1 樓 1-4, 35, 36 及 45 號舖(天后炮台山京華道9-27號)

5.6.2021 (六) 晚上 8 時
18.6.2021 (五) 晚上 8 時
@ 炮台山富利來商場
>> 立即登記參與 <<

有偈傾 — 藝術家朱凱婷與譚煥坤^
26.6.2021 (六) 下午 2 至 4 時
@ Aspire Upper Room(炮台山電氣道168號2樓)
>> 立即登記參與 <<

3.7.2021 (六) 晚上 7 時 30 分
@ 炮台山富利來商場
>> 立即登記參與 <<

^ 活動將以英語進行。

陳偉傑〈「ASP十年展」藝術進駐舊式商場 即興表演生成公共空間〉>>>
〈【死場不死】soundpocket展覽走入商場 藝術異域空間〉>>>
〈隱身炮台山「死場」的藝術展 籲觀眾發掘被遺忘的身邊事〉>>>

Presented by 主辦

Venue partner 場地夥伴

This production is financially supported by the HKADC