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Around sound art festival 2014

Around sound art festival 2014
Japan & Hong Kong


:: Being There ::
Retreat Camp (Exhibitions, Performances, Workshops, and Guided Walks)
29 – 31.8.2014
@ Amino-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

an exploration of sound and space in Amino, Kyoto
curated by Alice Wong and Wong Chun-hoi (Hong Kong)
with Hiromi Miyakita and Akio Suzuki (Japan)

Assemble : 11am, 29.8.2014 @ Kyoto Station
Fee : HK$1,200- (FULL)
(Including all necessary programme fee, accommodation and breakfasts. Train tickets to/from Kyoto and Amino at participant’s own cost. Detailed itinerary to be sent to participant after registration is confirmed.)

[Artists in Residence]
> Edwin Lo (HK)
> Chan Kiu-hong Joe (HK)
> Wong Fuk-kuen (HK)
> Fiona Lee (HK)
> Chan Man-yee Abby (HK/USA)
> Xing Liang (HK)
> Tetsuya Umeda (JP)
> evala & sonihouse (JP)
> Akinori Yamazaki (JP)
> Ayumi Adachi (HK/JP)

Around 2014 is the fourth edition of the festival since it inaugurated in 2009. This is the first time that we bring Around out of Hong Kong. Being There – Artist Residency and Retreat Camp to be held in Amino, Kyoto, is curated by Alice Wong, Wong Chun-hoi, Hiromi Miyakita and Akio Suzuki. Hong Kong based artists Edwin Lo, Fiona Lee, Chan Kiu-hong Joe, Wong Fuk-kuen, Chan Man-yee Abby and Xing Liang are invited to travel to Amino, Kyoto for a 2-week residency, in which they will explore sound and space in Amino. Together with Japanese artists evala & sonihouse, Akinori Yamasaki and Ayumi Adachi, the artists  will present workshops, soundwalks, and performances during the 3-day Retreat Camp. The artists will also engage with the public in dialogues while wandering around this small city on the coast of the Sea of Japan.

>>> Artists & Curators’ Biography

Continue Reading :
Festival Program Booklet (Japan)
Festival Program-at-a-glance (Japan)


:: voices / landscapes (for the eye and ear) ::
26.9 – 2.10.2014
@ Kwun Tong Ferry Pier & Connecting Space, Hong Kong

an ongoing research on the relation and interaction between sound and image
curated by Carlo Fossati (Italy)

> Michael Graeve (Australia)
> Paolo Piscitelli (Italy/ USA)
> Tetsuya Umeda (JP)
> Carlos Casas (Spain)
> Phill Niblock (USA)
> Alessandro Quaranta (Italy)

Around 2014 continues after the camp in Hong Kong. Italian curator Carlo Fossati works with Michael Graeve and Tetsuya Umeda to present site-specific installation and performances at Kwun Tong Ferry Pier. An installation by Paolo Piscitelli will also be exhibited at the Pier. Piscitelli’s video work will be presented along with those by artists Phill Niblock, Carlos Casas and Alessandro Quaranta at Connecting Space, Hong Kong.

>>>Artists and Curator’s Biography

Programe details:
= Exhibition opens with performances =
Michael Graeve and Tetsuya Umeda
26.9.2014 (FRI) | 6pm @ Kwun Tong Ferry Pier

= Exhibition =
26.9.2014 (FRI)  - 2.10.2014 (THU)| 12nn – 6pm @ Kwun Tong Ferry Pier
* Guided tour available, please contact us for details.

= Meet the Curator =
27.9.2014 (SAT) | 4 – 5’30pm @ Kwun Tong Ferry Pier

= Video Screening =
28.9.2014 (SUN) | 4’30 – 6pm @ Connecting Space, Hong Kong

= Closing Performances =
Michael Graeve and Tetsuya Umeda (in absentia)
1.10.2014 (WED) | 6pm @ Kwun Tong Ferry Pier

*All Hong Kong programs are free and open to the public.

Venue information
Kwun Tong Ferry Pier
Kwun Tong Ferry Pier, Hoi Yuen Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (near Hoi Bun Industrial Building)

Connecting Space, Hong Kong
Fort Street 18-20, Wah Kin Mansion, North Point, Hong Kong

Registration / Enquiry / Information :
(852) 2356-2226 / /

Continue Reading :
Festival Program Booklet (Hong Kong)
Festival Program-at-a-glance (Hong Kong)


- 日本 -

:: 丹後聆聽營 ::
聆聽營 (展覽、表演、工作坊及導賞團)

黃嘉淇、王鎮海 (香港)
及宮北裕美、鈴木昭男 (日本)

集合 : 29.8.2014上午11時 @京都駅
費用 : 每位港幣1,200元 (額滿)

> 羅潤庭 (香港)
> 陳翹康 (香港)
> 黃福權 (香港)
> 李穎姍 (香港)
> 陳敏兒 (香港/ 美國)
> 邢亮 (香港)
> 梅田哲也 (日本)
> evala & sonihouse (日本)
> 山崎昭典(日本)
> Ayumi Adachi (香港/ 日本)


黃嘉淇王鎮海、聯同宮北裕美鈴木昭男共同策劃的「丹後聆聽營」包括為期兩周的藝術家駐留計劃,獲邀參與的羅潤庭陳翹康黃福權李穎姍陳敏兒邢亮將於日本京都府京丹後市體驗生活及進行聲音與空間之探索,並聯同日本藝術家梅田哲也evala & sonihouse山崎昭典Ayumi Adachi於體驗營期間透過在地裝置、現場表演及藝術家對談分享其探索成果。

>>> 藝術家及策展人簡歷


- 香港 –

:: (給眼和耳的) 聲音/風景 ::
@香港觀塘渡輪碼頭及Connecting Space, Hong Kong

一個進行中的研究: 關於聲音和空間的關係與互動
Carlo Fossati策展 (意大利)

> 梅田哲也 (日本)
> Michael Graeve (澳洲)
> Paolo Piscitelli (意大利/ 美國)
> Carlos Casas (西班牙)
> Phill Niblock (美國)
> Alessandro Quaranta (意大利)

意大利策展人Carlo Fossati 將帶領藝術家Michael Graeve及梅田哲也於觀塘渡輪碼頭創作在地裝置及表演,同場亦將展示Paolo Piscitelli的裝置作品。假香港 Connecting Space舉行的錄像放映將播放Paolo PiscitelliPhill NiblockCarlos CasasAlessandro Quaranta的作品。

>>> 藝術家及策展人簡歷

= 展覽開幕及演出 =
Michael Graeve 及 梅田哲也
26.9.2014 (FRI) | 6pm @ 觀塘渡輪碼頭

= 裝置展覽 =
26.9.2014 (FRI)  - 2.10.2014 (THU)| 12nn – 6pm @ 觀塘渡輪碼頭

= 策展人講座 =
27.9.2014 (SAT) | 4 – 5’30pm @ 觀塘渡輪碼頭

= 錄像放映 =
28.9.2014 (SUN) | 4’30 – 6pm @ Connecting Space, Hong Kong

= 閉幕演出 =
Michael Graeve 及 梅田哲也(不在現場)
1.10.2014 (WED) | 6pm @ 觀塘渡輪碼頭


場地資料 (香港部份)

九龍觀塘開源道觀塘渡輪碼頭 (近海濱工業大廈)

Connecting Space, Hong Kong
香港北角堡壘街 18-20號華健大廈地下


報名 / 查詢 / 資料 :
(852) 2356-2226 / /


:: 丹後の音キャンプ::


集合日時/場所…2014年8月29日午前11時 京都駅
参加費 …ひとり香港ドル1,200元(活動費用、宿泊代、朝食代を含む。京都•京丹後間の電車代は含まれません, 参加者には申し込み手続き完了後詳細をお伝えします)

> エドウィン•ロー(香港)
> ジョー•チャン(香港)
> ウォン•フォッキュン(香港)
> フィオナ•リー(香港)
> アビー•チャン(香港/ アメリカ)
> シン•リアン(香港)
> 梅田哲也(日本)
> evala & sonihouse(日本)
> 山崎昭典(日本)
> 足立 あゆみ(日本/香港)

::(目と耳のための)声/風景 ::


> マイケル•グレーブ(オーストラリア)
> パオロ•ピスチテリ(イタリア/ アメリカ)
> 梅田哲也(日本)
> カルロス•カサス(スペイン)
> フィル•ニブロック(アメリカ)
> アレサンドロ•クアランタ(イタリア)


(852) 2356-2226 / /

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