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Brian Chu Yin-woo 朱彥龢

supported artist of year 2018-19
2018-19 年度獲選年青藝術家

Brian Chu (wo4) is continually attracted by the coincidental rhythms that are produced in the course of daily life. It is this curiosity that animates his desire to sounding objects out, testing them for their resonant possibilities.

Through his improv, he explores the properties of sound in a percussive way. Through this process, he hopes to elaborate a unique language that corresponds to each passing immediacy.

龢 (“Wo” pronounced with the fourth accent in the Cantonese language) is a word that originally signifies the euphony that results from the sound of several bamboo reed flutes playing at once, and connotes harmony. Having assumed this name, Brian hopes that a resonance and a rapport can be established lying between contemplation, emotion, and the many-layered frequencies of reverberant sound, all of these entering into an interplay with one another and negotiating ephemeral forms of balance.

Brian Chu (wo4) is supported by soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme 2018–19.

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朱彥龢(龢wo4) 容易被生活上突發的聲響與湊巧的節奏吸引而分心,同時有看到某些物件都想好奇地敲一敲的習慣。


龢 (粵語拼音:wo4),本是描繪幾支竹笛同時吹奏出的和音,帶有和諧之意。以此為名,更是想對應個人於思緒、內心並伸延到音樂、聲響上各種層面的拉扯,強調當中調節與平衡的過程。

朱彥龢(龢wo4)為聲音掏腰包「藝術家支援計劃」2018-19 年度獲選年青藝術家。

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