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DIALOGUE with artist Joel Cahen
有計傾 – 藝術家 Joel Cahen

Have you ever wondered what an underwater listening experience would be like? If so Wet Sounds – a sound and light performance presented in swimming pools by London-based artist Joel Cahen might be of interest to you. The audience is invited to appreciate the piece above and below the aquatic environment – what they hear depends on their own movements and the depth of the water. In this upcoming DIALOGUE, Joel Cahen will share with us his experience in developing Wet Sounds before its presentation at the Macau Fringe 2019. Joel will also talk about his co-founded charity Liquid Vibrations, which provides Musical Hydrotherapy training to personnel serving children with special needs.

On top of his underwater projects, Joel will also introduce his various multi-disciplinary projects, including public Destructivist art activity Scrap Club, sound-based geo-locative app project Interzone Theatre, and his latest album AQUADELIQUE.

:: Programme details ::
17.1.2019 (THU) 7-9pm
@ Twenty Alpha
Address: 13/F, Foo Tak Building, 367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

* This event will be conducted in English
Free and open to the public

你有想像過在水中的聆聽經驗是怎樣嗎?由駐倫敦藝術家 Joel Cahen 創作的《水與聲》可能會令你感興趣。《水與聲》融合聲音及光影元素,邀請觀眾於水面及水底欣賞演出 - 觀眾們所聽到的聲音取決於他們的動態及身處的水深。Joel Cahen 將於是次《有計傾》跟我們分享他創作《水與聲》的經驗外, 亦會談及他跟參與創辦的慈善機構 Liquid Vibrations,為提供特殊教育的人士而設的音樂水療訓練。《水與聲》將於澳門城市藝穗節 2019 公演。

除了一系列在水中進行的計劃,Joel 將會跟我們介紹他不同的跨媒介藝術計劃,包括與公眾探討破壞主義的藝術活動《Scrap Club》、以聲音為主導的地理定位應用程式計劃「Interzone Theatre」以及他的最新專輯《AQUADELIQUE》。

:: 活動詳情 ::
@ Twenty Alpha

* 活動將以英語進行

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