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“Invisible Borders” Public Workshop: Open for registration now!
第四屆「拜師學藝」-《無形邊界》公眾工作坊參加者召集 !

Our Mentorship Programme reflects The Library’s devotion to promoting interactive learning between artists, through dialogue and artistic creation. It provides artists with opportunities to broaden and deepen their artistic practices. Led by artist-mentor Elena Biserna, the 4th edition of the Mentorship Programme has focused on the relationship between sounds and borders, both tangible and intangible. After participating in the Artist Workshop and Research Trip held in Hong Kong and Hanoi in April and June this year, four artist-mentees have designed and will lead an “Invisible Borders” public workshop to conclude the programme.

Political, social, cultural, and geographical borders and boundaries, which separate and differentiate places and peoples, are embedded in our everyday lives. Through various listening exercises and discussions, the participants of the “Invisible Borders” public workshop will look at how such boundaries influence how we perceive ourselves and shape the way we look at things, listen and respond to other people, and how we drift between these invisible borders.

Participating artists: Tim Chan Ting-cheung | Kiki Ho Tsz-ki | Tsang Hoi-yu | Tse Chun-sing

:: Programme details ::

20.7.2019 (SAT) 1-5 pm
@ Twenty Alpha (13/F, Foo Tak Building, 367 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai)

Quota: 12 (first-come-first-served)
Fee: Adult $80 | Full-time student $60
This workshop will be conducted in Cantonese

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Registration Deadline: 18 July 2019

Enquiries: / 3954 5584


由聲音圖書館策劃之「拜師學藝」旨在透過對話及創作的互動學習形式,促進藝術家之間的學習,並為藝術家提供拓闊和深化其藝術創作的機會。第四屆「拜師學藝」由藝術家導師 Elena Biserna 帶領,旨在探索有形與無形的邊界跟聲音的關係。藝術家學員在 2019 年 4 至 6 月期間參與了分別在香港及河內舉行的藝術家工作坊和考察之旅後,將親自設計並帶領《無形邊界》公眾工作坊,為第四屆「拜師學藝」作總結。


參與藝術家:陳庭章 | 何梓埼 | 曾凱渝 | 謝俊昇

:: 活動詳情 ::

20.7.2019 (六) 1-5 pm
@ Twenty Alpha (灣仔軒尼詩道367號富德樓13樓)

名額: 12 (先到先得,額滿即止)
費用: 成人 $80 | 全日制學生 $60

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截止報名日期: 18.7.2019

查詢 / 3954 5584