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Publication - “Pocket 2: say, Listen”
出版 - 《Pocket 2:聽者言》

Title 書名 | say, Listen 聽者言
Series title 書系|Pocket 2
Contributing writers 作者|Doris Lau Parry 劉群章, Edwin Lo 羅潤庭, Law Yukmui 羅玉梅, Steve Hui 許敖山, Wong Chun Kok 黃津珏, Anthony Yeung 楊我華, Wong Chun Hoi 王鎮海, Susi Law 羅偉珊, Akio Suzuki 鈴木昭男, Yat Niu 一鳥, Loretta Ho 何嘉妍, Carmi Lam 林嘉敏, Vik Lai, Grace Choi 蔡翠茵, Carlo Fossati
Editor 編者|Yeung Yang 楊陽
Publisher 出版|soundpocket 聲音掏腰包
Language 語言|English 英文, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文


About say, Listen

In the book Hong Kong Story, Siu See speaks of ordinary sounds in teahouses and the streets of Hong Kong fading away. Words can never replace sounds. But they may be able to generate conditions for some serious listening.

This collection of fiction and non-fiction writings intended for anyone who has ever wondered about listening. All contributing writers of say, Listen actively and critically listen. They listen with pleasure as much as in hardship. Over a span of three years, these traces of their listening made their way into this book: a writer listens to the gurgling water in the gutters; another listens to the politics silenced and sounded out, or to the memory of home, to distance, and to the inanimate – some dirt.

The publisher soundpocket is an organization working on the understanding and exploration of sound as art. As the second book in the series Pocket, say, Listen explores the relation between words, sounds, and graphic design on paper. The voices and hands of many who contribute to this book reminds one of how Dawn Williams, curator of the durational sound performance Strange Attractor in the Crawford Gallery (Cork, Ireland) speaks of listening, “of the endless possibilities, given a little time and space, that can enhance our relationship with the changing environments we inhabit by just listening.”

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出版機構聲音掏腰包致力促進聲音藝術的理解及探索 。作為書目系列的第二冊,《聽者言》探討有關聲音、聆聽活動、文字和平面設計之間的多元關係。正如2011年在愛爾蘭科克城的 Crawford Gallery舉行的一場長時即興聲音表演 Strange Attractor 策展人 Dawn Williams 說,只要給聆聽空間和時間,它就能帶出我們跟不斷改變的環境的無盡可能性。

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