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“Our Audible City”: Sound Collecting Workshop @ Peng Chau
「聽得見的城市」- 採聲工作坊 @ 坪洲

soundpocket has been invited by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble to be their Education Programme Partner for “Our Audible City”. Five workshops will be conducted alongside the site-specific performances of Atlas at different locations in Hong Kong. The first of these workshops will be held on Peng Chau in November. Through various listening and creative exercises, participants will explore different media and tools to collect sound at the unique sites during the performances of Atlas, and discover new experiences and an appreciation of site-specific performances. Artists Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung and Li Hiu-wa will also share their experiences on how field recording, mark-making, and even photography-as-sound-collecting can be realised, aiming to expand the participants’ knowledge of the concept of Sound Collecting.

:: About the Workshop ::
4.11.2018 (SUN) 11am – 8pm
@ Peng Chau
Quota: 12
Fee: $ 100 ($ 50 deposit^ + $ 50 dinner)
^ Deposit will be returned in cash upon completion of the workshop
* This workshop will be conducted in Cantonese
# Transportation to/from Peng Chau at participants’ own cost

:: About the Performance Atlas ::
4.11.2018 (SUN) 5pm
@ Tai Lei Island, Peng Chau
Curator & Composer: Charles Kwong
Collaborating Artist: Frank Tang Kai-yiu
Performers: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble & guest musicians
Free admission


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:: 工作坊詳情 ::
4.11.2018 (日) 11am – 8pm
@ 坪洲
費用:100 元 (留位費 50 元^ + 晚餐費用 50 元)
^ 留位費將於參加者完成活動後以現金退回
* 工作坊將以廣東話進行
# 往返坪洲交通自費

:: 《亞特拉斯》演出詳情 ::
4.11.2018 (日) 5pm
@ 坪洲大利島

>> 立刻報名 <<

關於藝術家何子洋及李曉華 >>

伸延閱讀《 怎個靜字了得 — 耳聽坪洲 》>>



“Daily Ration @ Peng Chau”, a food-related arts and cultural exchange event organized by Art Together will also take place on the island on the same day.

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由藝術到家主辦,以「食」為主題的藝術文化交流活動「日日為食 @ 坪洲」將於同一天於島上舉行。

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“Our Audible City” is presented and produced by:

“Our Audible City” is sponsored by The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation’s Arts: Transforming Hong Kong programme.