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DIALOGUE and Participatory Performance with artist Yoshiki Tanaka | 我愛你 ☆ Too Very Much! – Yoshiki Tanaka Solo Exhibition
有偈傾及參與式演出 – 藝術家田中義樹 | 我愛你 ☆ Too Very Much! – 田中義樹個展

With the support of soundpocket and Art Center Ongoing, Japanese artist Yoshiki Tanaka is currently undertaking a one-month residency in Hong Kong. Yoshiki’s works are highly dependent upon the Japanese cultural context, and he often humorously transforms its narratives into installations and performances.

Over the course of his research in Hong Kong, he has been fascinated by the martial arts culture presented in Hong Kong movies and has tried to incorporate its imagery into his artistic practice. In addition he has received inspiration from the songs of Asian Kung-Fu Generation, a Japanese popular rock band. Yoshiki is writing a romance story with reference to the lyrics of their songs, rewriting the common, shared context of his residency experience in Hong Kong, lyrics and narrative shared within those songs.

In this upcoming DIALOGUE, Yoshiki will talk about his previous artworks and explain how he creates a fictional narrative via the artistic practises of installation and performance; and in his solo exhibition, Yoshiki will create an installation related to the romance story he wrote. He would also like to invite the audience to be part of an impromptu theatrical production through which he will recreate the story’s scenes and narrative with the participants.

Programme Details

:: DIALOGUE and Participatory Performance with artist Yoshiki Tanaka ::
28.5.2019 (TUE) 7:30–9pm
@ V54 (No.54, Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong)

* The event will be conducted in Japanese and simultaneous translation in Cantonese is available.

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:: 我愛你 ☆ Too Very Much! – Yoshiki Tanaka Solo Exhibition ::
28.5 – 6.6.2019
Opening Hours: 12nn-6pm (Except Sunday)
@ V54 (No.54, Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong)

* Admission is free and all events are open to the public.

>>> About Yoshiki Tanaka

在聲音掏腰包與合作夥伴 Art Center Ongoing 的支持下,日本藝術家田中義樹現正於香港進行為期一個月的駐留。田中義樹的創作靈感大多源自日本流行文化,他亦常以幽默的手法將流行文化中的敘述轉化成裝置作品及表演藝術。

他於香港進行研究期間,發現自己對香港電影中所展現的武術文化特別好奇,於是嘗試把這印象融合他的藝術創作之中。他以日本搖滾樂隊亞細亞功夫世代(Asian Kung-Fu Generation)的歌曲為材,編寫了一個愛情故事,並結合他於香港駐留的經歷,改寫歌詞間的共同語境及敘事。



:: 有偈傾及參與式演出 – 藝術家田中義樹 ::
@ V54 (香港跑馬地山村道54號)

* 活動將以日語進行,現場設有即時廣東話翻譯。

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:: 我愛你 ☆ Too Very Much! – 田中義樹個展 ::
28.5 – 6.6.2019
開放時間: 下午12時至6時 (星期日除外)
@ V54 (香港跑馬地山村道54號)
* 免費開放予公眾參與。

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