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Flip the pocket – (re)visiting soundpocket’s repository
翻翻口袋 —(再)訪聲音掏腰包存檔
Artist Support Programme 2023-24
「藝術家支援計劃」2023-24 | 申請募集
Result Announcement 結果公佈
Artist Support Programme 2022-23 (Special Edition)
“Recycling Failure: you fall through, I catch you.” Public programme
「藝術家支援計劃」2022 – 2023(特別策劃)
artist working with sound in Hong Kong – Lam Lai
香港本地從事聲音創作的藝術家 ── 林儷
DIALOGUE and children’s workshop with Takuya Yamashita |
“Learn from the Sick Cat King” – Takuya Yamashita Solo Exhibition
有偈傾及兒童工作坊 – 藝術家山下拓也 |
《向「病貓王」學習》 – 山下拓也個展