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Annual General Meeting 2023-24
聲音掏腰包周年大會 2023-24
Listen Wide, Listen Far 聽闊尐,聽遠尐
– Explore sound and discover listening with the deaf and visually impaired community 與聾人及視障社群探索聲音、發現聆聽
Review on soundpocket Artist Support Programme 2022–23 (Special Edition)
聲音掏腰包 2022-23 年度「藝街家支援計劃」(特別策劃)回顧
DIALOGUE and “Stroll of Old Buddha’s Gong Kickers” Walking Tour with Tetsushi Higashino
Bruce and Blues – Tetsushi Higashino Solo Exhibition
有偈傾及「漫漫走走」導賞團 – 藝術家東野哲史
小龍/藍調 – 東野哲史個展
Flip the pocket – (re)visiting soundpocket’s repository (II) Sound Playground
翻翻口袋 —(再)訪聲音掏腰包存檔(二)聲音操場