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– Artist Residency and Retreat Camp 藝術家駐留及體驗營

8 – 10.9.2017
@ Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture 日本京都府京丹後市

BEING THERE 2017, as a collaborative event of ART CAMP TANGO 2017, is an invitation for listening, seeing, and being there – in the lovely city of Kyotango on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The Artist Residency brings together Hong Kong and Japanese artists to produce installations, live performances, guided walks, and open dialogues, while the Retreat Camp is an occasion for people coming from different backgrounds—but all interested in art—to share intimate experiences and an appreciative spirit.

= Participating Artists =
Samson Cheung Choi-sang | Arumimi Hifumi | Fiona Lee Wing-shan
Frank Tang Kai-yiu | Junko Kido | Reina Kimura
Soichiro Mihara | Hiromi Miyakita | Tomohiko Ogawa
Makoto Oshiro | Akio Suzuki | Akinori Yamasaki

More about the Retreat Camp
Date: 8 – 10.9.2017
Fee: HK$2,500/person ^
Assemble: 12noon, 8.9.2017 (Fri) @ Kyoto Station, Japan
Programme Highlights:
Timetable of the Day – Tango~Toyooka Performance Train
listening, seeing, being there – Exhibition at the former Go Elementary School

Enquiries: (852) 3954-5584 / [email protected]

^ Including all necessary programme fee, accommodation and breakfasts. Flight tickets, train tickets to/from Kyoto and Amino Station at participant’s own cost. Detailed itinerary to be sent to participants after registration is confirmed.

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>>> More about ART CAMP TANGO 2017


BEING THERE 2017-藝術家駐留及體驗營為ART CAMP TANGO聲音藝術祭之合辦活動,活動旨在邀請公眾一同聆聽、觀察並置身於京丹後這個日本海的沿岸城市。藝術家駐留邀請來自香港及日本的藝術家進行裝置創作、現場表演、導賞以及開放對話,而體驗營則聚集來自不同地方、背景,卻同樣愛好藝術之公眾一同體驗與分享。

= 參與藝術家=
張才生 | 有耳非文 | 李穎姍
鄧啟耀 | 木藤 純子 | 木村 玲奈
三原 聡一郎 | 宮北 裕美 | 小川 智彦
大城 真 | 鈴木 昭男 | 山崎 昭典

更多有關 BEING THERE 2017 – 體驗營
日期:8 – 10.9.2017
集合:8.9.2017 中午12時 @ 日本京都駅
• 「Timetable of the Day」 丹後~豐岡列車展演之旅
• 於前郷小學校舍舉行之展覽「listening, seeing, being there」

查詢:(852) 3954-5584 / [email protected]


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Supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region