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Traces and Scenes – Homage to Akio Suzuki
Edwin Lo solo exhibition
痕迹與情景-向 鈴木昭男 致敬

Jul 8 – Aug 14, 2016
Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

Featuring a body of new works by Hong Kong artist Edwin Lo, Traces and Scenes – Homage to Akio Suzuki is the artist’s first solo exhibition in the US.  Organized as a multi-media three-part essay, the exhibition presents how Lo re-traces the memories of his encounters with the Japanese artist Akio Suzuki, condensing their influences, to gradually culminate into a new sonic performance practice that embraces uncertainty through intervention with a site. Inspired by the simplicity, energy and sensitivity of Suzuki’s art, Lo pays homage to him and extends his exploration into a performative installation with the subjects of seascape, memory and sonic experience, directly engaging with the audience and the open environment. With video documentations, text and sonic installation and a performative sound piece by the artist as the opening event, the exhibition takes the audience along Lo’s transformative journey across oceans and lands, hopping between the islands of Lamma and Ap Lei Chau in Hong Kong and Amino in Japan – Suzuki’s hometown, finally arriving at the gallery in Chicago.

As part of this transformative journey, Edwin Lo presents a sonic intervention in the form of a performative installation on the rocky shore at the southeast of Ap Lei Chau, an island next to a busy shipping route in Hong Kong.  Transforming recorded soundscapes above and underwater at different marine locations into materials that are simultaneously sonic and physical, site-specific and abstract, Gestures of Seascape : Ap Lei Chau invites the audience to join the artist for a moment of re-discovery and an on-going dialogue with sounds and places. Documentation of this event will be presented in the exhibition in Chicago.

Curated by Solomon Yu

Date & Time

= Performative Installation=
May 15, 2016 ( Sunday)| 3pm – 4:30pm
Gestures of Seascape: Ap Lei Chau
Performative Installation by Edwin Lo in Hong Kong
Venue: Rocky shore next to Oceanic Industrial Building at the end of Lee Nam Road, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

July 8 – August 14, 2016 (Saturdays & Sundays)
| 1pm – 5pm
(Mondays during OPTION) | 7-10pm or by appointment
Venue: Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)

July 8, 2016 (Friday)
| 7pm – 9 pm
Opening with performance by Edwin Lo

July 9, 2016 (Saturday)| 3pm – 5 pm
Artist and Curator sharing
Venue: Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)

Venue Information (Chicago, USA):
Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)
5925 North Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, 60660, USA

*All programs are free and open to the public.

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Enquiry: / 3954 5584

About the Artist
B.1984. Edwin Lo is a sound artist based in Hong Kong. Through different explorations on sound, he tries to develop his own philosophy and language on sound and listening: thinking sound as an object of desire, as haunting memories and experiences. Since 2008, Lo presents his body of work in different context such as writings, sound compositions, recordings, performances, videos and sound installations. His works are widely presented in various local and overseas group exhibitions, residencies and festivals such as Hong Kong Sound Stations (Hong Kong, 2009), EMERGEANDSEE Media Art Festival (Germany, 2010), Uncharted – Braunschweig Project (Germany, 2013), RPM: Ten Years of Sound Art in China (United States, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, 2013-2014), iD-Town International Residency (Shenzhen, 2014), Around Sound Art Festival (Japan, 2014) and ‘Inside China’ (2014) at Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

About the Curator
Solomon Yu obtained his BA Fine Arts from RMIT, Australia in 2007, and received his MA in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011. He is interested in exploring image as text and as a medium for thinking and experiencing and his works invite audience to review alternative possibilities behind existing image materials.  As an extension to his art practice, Yu likes curating projects with fellow artists for artistic exploration and exchange.  He was an assistant curator in Mobile M+: Yau Ma Tei (2012) presented by M+, museum for visual culture.  In 2013 he initiated and curated Sound Of Image, a group project that investigated the functional and aesthetic potentials of audio description in the field of visual arts. Yu was invited to be the guest curator for the Library by soundpocket in 2014 and curated the online exhibition ‘Silent Waves’.

Media Enquiry
Miss So Wai Lam
T: (852) 3954-5584 / 6138-2001
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08. 07 – 14. 08. 2016
芝加哥 Experimental Sound Studio

《痕迹與情景-向 鈴木昭男 致敬》,是香港藝術家羅潤庭於美國的首個個展,展出其一系列新作品。展覽分成三部,作品以多媒體形式呈現,展現羅氏如何追塑他與日本藝術家鈴木昭男之間相遇的點滴。透過結合當中的經驗及其影響,羅氏以空間介入的方式,逐漸發展出一套包容不確定性的聲音演出方向。

羅氏期望透過是次展覽向鈴木昭男致敬,同時從鈴木既簡約、觸感細膩、又充滿活力的演出得到啓發 ,並擴展他對海洋、回憶、聲音經驗等主題的探索,以演出建構一個直接與觀衆和周邊環境連繫的在地裝置。透過錄像、文字、聲音裝置以及藝術家於展覽開幕當日所展示的演出裝置,展覽將帶觀衆走過羅氏那穿梭海洋和陸地且充滿變化的旅程,在香港的南丫島和鴨脷洲,與鈴木的故鄉—日本的網野町之間游走,最終到達位於美國芝加哥的畫廊。

藝術家羅潤庭將於香港一個位處繁忙貨運路線附近的島嶼-鴨脷洲-的東南面展示一個以聲音介入的在地裝置。在不同海岸地點的水底和水面搜錄的聲境,將會轉化成為既是實體,又能發聲、既抽象,又在地的物料。「聲海的姿態:鴨脷洲」 邀請觀衆與藝術家一起重新探索,延續跟聲音和空間的對話。是次活動的記錄將於芝加哥的展覽中展示。

策展人 – 余廸文


15. 05. 2016 (星期日)| 下午3時到4時半
場地: 香港鴨脷洲利南道末段,海灣工貿中心旁石灘

08. 07 – 14. 08. 2016(星期六及日) |下午1到5時正; (星期一特備開放時段)|晚上7時至10時 (其他時間敬請預約)
場地: 芝加哥Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)

08. 07. 2016 (星期五)| 下午7到9時正
09. 07. 2016 (星期六) |下午3到5時正
場地: 芝加哥Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)

場地資料(美國芝加哥) :
芝加哥Experimental Sound Studio
Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)
5925 North Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, 60660, USA


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查詢: / 3954 5584


羅潤庭, 聲音藝術家。通過田野錄音、文字、表演裝置等形式, 探索聲音的可能性, 從而嘗試建立對聲音的哲理與語法, 將聲音看待為慾望的投射, 揮之不去的記憶與經驗。自2008年開始, 活躍於香港本地與海外展覽、駐留項目以及藝術節, 如聲音‧香港‧站(香港, 2009), EMERGEANDSEE Media Art Festival (德國, 2010), Uncharted – Braunschweig Project (德國, 2013), 轉速:中國聲音藝術大展 (美國、上海、香港, 2013-2014), iD-Town International Residency (深圳, 2014), 聽在聲音藝術節 (日本, 2014) 以及巴黎東京宮的 ‘Inside China’ (2014)等。


余廸文,2007年於澳洲墨爾本皇家理工大學取得藝術學士,2011年於香港中文大學取得藝術文學碩士,創作主要探索影像如何作為我們思考和經驗的媒介,邀請觀眾重新體驗發掘既有的影像物料,以向它們背後的現實結構作出提問。余廸文喜歡與其他藝術創作人合作策劃研究為本的項目,延伸實踐他的藝術創作。他曾任M+視覺文化博物館《M+進行中:油麻地》(2012) 的助理策展人;2013年策劃《聽、見、想、像 》,與多位藝術家探索口述影像在視學藝術領域的功能與美學。余廸文2014年獲聲音圖書館邀請擔任客席策展人,策劃網上展覽《裊 裊》。

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