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“Simple Interactions” – Artist Residency and Community Outreach Programme「簡單交往」- 藝術家駐留及社區外展計劃

“Simple Interactions” is an artist residency and community outreach programme that connects Hong Kong-based artists Andio Lai and Tsang Hoi-yu, and soundpocket with the San Francisco Chinatown community. Flying in from 6927 miles away, the first-timers are ready to indulge themselves in this familiar yet eccentric neighborhood. Fascinated by transforming ready-made objects into interactive instruments, Lai will work on a series of sound objects with items collected from the locals. He will also look into the history of the area’s daily sound technologies, such as the telephone exchange in San Francisco Chinatown from before the rotary dial phone was introduced in the late 40s. Tsang’s interest in individuals forming a collective leads her to research the immigrants’ individual patterns of speech and their forms of communication in relation to the cultural context of Chinatown. She will interview residents in their native languages and present her findings as they emerge at 41 Ross. soundpocket will present the ongoing Sound Scoop project by bringing sounds from Hong Kong to San Francisco Chinatown during the residency.

藝術家駐留和社區外展計劃「簡單交往」將連繫香港藝術家黎仲民、曾凱渝及聲音掏腰包與三藩市唐人街的社區。飛越 6927 英哩,初次探訪三藩市的兩位藝術家已準備好投身於這個既熟悉又新奇的社區。黎仲民熱愛將現成物轉化成具互動性的樂器,他將收集當地居民的物品來製作一系列聲音物件。同時,他亦會研究日常聲音技術的歷史,例如在撥號電話於 1940 年代後期推出之前,舊金山唐人街的人手電話接駁系統。基於對個體如何組成群體之過程的興趣,曾凱渝將進行有關唐人街移民的個人言說方式、溝通和該社區文化背景的研究。她將以街坊的母語訪問他們,並在舊呂宋巷 41 持續地展示她的發現。聲音掏腰包則會展示一直進行的「細聲公」項目,在駐留期間把香港的聲音帶到三藩市唐人街。

@ 41 Ross, San Francisco Chinatown
@ 三藩市華埠舊呂宋巷 41

:: Open Studio 工作室開放 ::
15 – 16.10.2022 (Sat 六 – Sun 日) 12-6pm
21 – 23.10.2022 (Fri 五 – Sun 日) 12-6pm
26 – 29.10.2022 (Wed 三 – Sat 六) 2-6pm

:: Sound Scoop 細聲公 ::
26 – 29.10.2022 (Wed 三 – Sat 六) 2-6pm

:: Artist Sharing 藝術家分享 ::
29.10.2022 (Sat 六) 3-5pm

:: ‘Simple Interactions’ in Hong Kong – DIALOGUE with artists Andio Lai and Tsang Hoi-yu「簡單交往」有偈傾 — 藝術家黎仲民與曾凱渝 ::
25.3.2023 (Sat 六) 1–3pm
@ Floating Projects 據點。句點
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Artists’ Reviews 藝術家回顧

>>> Andio Lai’s Review 黎仲民回顧 <<<

>>> Tsang Hoi-yu’s Review 曾凱渝回顧 <<<

About the participating artists 關於參與藝術家

Tsang Hoi-yu

Freelancer. Tsang currently participates in sound and performing art creations.

As Simone Weil said in​ Oppression and Liberty:​ “They cannot stop us from working towards a clear comprehension of the object of our efforts, so that, if we cannot accomplish that which we will, we may at least have willed it, and not just have blindly wished for it; and, on the other hand, our weakness may indeed prevent us from winning, but not from comprehending the force by which we are crushed. Nothing in the world can prevent us from thinking clearly.”




Andio Lai Chung Man is interested in making sound objects and machine art, some are built to be used in his sonic performances. He obtained BA (Hons) in Creative Media, School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong & MA in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.Through the practice of Media Archeology, studying tools development and the relative history of interfaces, his works focus on the subject matter of experimental instrument, playing, toys and human-machine relation.


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